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Welcome and thank you for visiting the BRCRN website. It is a government project and jointly implemented by the Ministry of Forests and Environment and Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations.

According to the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change, the project has been implemented in Nepal with the objective of assisting developing countries in adaptation and emission reduction projects in the field of climate change.

The project is being implemented in the most vulnerable Chure region of Nepal, especially in 26 river systems from Bagmati River to East Ilam and Jhapa with the grant provided by the Green Climate Fund to the Government of Nepal.

As the problem of the Chure area cannot be solved by a single body in a single effort, this project will be successful only with the mutual consent and real participation of the stakeholders between the problem area upstream and the area of ​​influence downstream (impact zone).

This project will help strengthen cooperation between the technology community and the government. Improving the ecosystem will help reduce the flow of sediment from river channels and reduce carbon emissions.

Although the duration of the project is 7 years, the investment is low depending on the scope of work and the sensitivity of the problem. However, this project is expected to be successful as it is the first project funded by the Green Climate Fund in Nepal and will adopt a participatory approach to natural resource management by restoring the ecosystem.

With the United Nations declaring the Decade of Ecosystem Restoration from 2021 to 2030, learning from this project will provide opportunities for Nepal and other regions. Therefore, in order to achieve the goal set by this project, the selfless support of the community bodies of all sectors, government bodies, and the non-governmental sector is indispensable.

Thank you!

Chure Resilient